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Precision Deep Draw - Less Costly, More Functional & Superior Quality

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Precision Deep Drawn Metal Products / Stampings

Deep draw is a complex cold forming process that transforms metal strip into a completed part. The transformation is done incrementally, through a series of stations that form and cut metal into the desired configuration.

Both vertical transfer presses and progressive die presses are utilized in forming operations. The preferred method depends on part configuration, material type and thickness and quantity to be produced.

Precision Deep Drawn Metal Product Stamping Progression
Precision Deep Drawn Metal Product Stamping Progression

Advantages of Deep Draw

  • More economical use of raw materials
  • Greater strength-to-weight ratio
  • Absence of mechanical seems or joints
  • Capable of maintaing tight tolerances
  • Superior part-to-part and batch-to-batch repeatability
  • Ability to form complex geometric shapes

Precision CNC Machined & Wire EDM Components

CNC machining is a subtractive process whereby material is removed from a work piece utilizing Computer Numerical Control equipment.

Precision CNC Machined & Wire EDM Components
Precision CNC Machined & Wire EDM Components

Advantages of CNC Machining & Wire EDM

  • Unsurpassed part-to-part accuracy and repeatability
  • Machine control and programming capabilities allow for complex machining operations to be simplified
  • Programmable for continuous production

Capabilities include drilling, boring, tapping, threading, knurling, wire EDM, parting/cutting, facing, counter boring, countersinking, pocketing, profiling, reaming, thread milling, broaching and contouring from all commercially available materials including tool steels, stainless steel, brass, titanium, Delrin ®, aluminum and most plastics.

We specialize in 2 & 3 axis machining of complex shaped parts that require innovative tooling and fixturing. Vertical machining up to 40" x 20" x 17.7", turning up to 14.57" x 19" and EDM up to 27.5" x 23.2" x 8.4".