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Custom Deep Drawn Metal Stamping of Blasting Caps / Detonator Shells for the Mining Industry

Blasting caps, also called Detonators, are devices that initiate the detonation of a charge of a high explosive.  Blasting caps come in a variety of types, including electric, non-electric and electronic.  A plain detonator consists of an aluminum or copper cylinder, which is closed at one end.  The detonator has a powerful explosive at the bottom (secondary charge) and on top of that a primary charge.  Detonators are used to initiate explosives in commerical mining applications, in connection with infrastructure and construction projects and in quarries.

Gem has customized its equipment, forming operations, labeling, cleaning and packaging to meet the specific needs of the industry.  Annually, Gem produces 60,000,000 caps, or shells as they are sometimes referred to, up to 4" in overal length from aluminum, copper, brass alloys and stainless steel.  Quality is critical.  Any surface imperfections or variations in ID greater than .0005" can affect performance by bypassing delays or causing the caps to malfunction or detonate out of sequence.

  Custom Deep Drawn Metal Stamping of Detonator Shells
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Custom Deep Drawn Metal Stamping of Detonator Shells

Various inspections and performance standards / tests are conducted throughout the process to insure strict compliance with specifications and to insure accurate and safe operation.

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Highlights of this Custom Deep Drawn Stamping Project

Product Description This stamped detonator shells are used within the mining industry.
This Custom Deep Drawn Stamping Capabilities Applied/Processes
Die Design and Manufacturing
In-Line Transfer Metal Stamping
Inspection Services
Vapor Degreasing
  • Ensures Adhesion of Ink Print to the OD
  • Ensures Cleanliness
Ink-Pad Printing
  • Cured in Oven
  • Brass Parts Only
Overall Part Dimensions Length Up To: 4.000"
Tightest Tolerances ±.00075"
Material Used Aluminum
Stainless Steel
Material Finish Natural
In process testing/inspection performed
Flour Test
  • Flour Placed in The Cap and Removed
  • If Any Residue Remains the Part is Rejected
Acetone Test
  • Acetone Applied to Area of Shell That Has Been Printed to Ensure Adhesion
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Critical Dimensions are Scrutinized Using Statistical Process Control to Ensure Conformance
Dimensional Inspection
  • Standard Gauges
  • Custom Gauges
  • Optical Comparator
  • Visual Inspection
Industry for Use Commercial Mining
Volume 50,000,000+ Annually
Standards Met Customer Supplied Print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Detonator Shells (Blasting Caps)
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