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Cooperative Engineering

At Gem Manufacturing, we take a collaborative approach to process/tool design. Involving Gem early in product development can yield cost savings, enhance the performance of your product and improve manufacturability. Parts produced from alternative processes can often be redesigned for manufacture as drawn metal components. 

Although the benefits from redesign will vary, the greatest savings are achieved when the amount of scrap generated by the alternative process exceeds 50% or when multiple piece assemblies can be resigned into a single drawn part or stamping.

In the example (right) a machined tire valve cap (laying horizontal) and one that has been produced as a drawn metal part by Gem Manufacturing (vertical) are compared. The drawn metal Cap requires 65.7% less raw material and is 56.5% lighter after manufacture. In addition to the obvious cost benefits, by reducing weight, the resultant centrifugal forces on the valve are also reduced making balancing the tire easier.

  Cooperative Engineering
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Cooperative Engineering
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